Bringing your garden to life

Planting is a very personal choice so we treat every garden as an individual. You might want an annual explosion of summer flowers or an oasis that stays green all year round; a kitchen garden for seasonal fruits and vegetables... or just plants that require as little maintenance as possible. Whether you’re starting again from scratch or just making improvements to your existing planting – we can help.

We start with an initial garden appraisal to help us understand what you want to achieve with your new planting.

Then we produce an illustrated list of options to help you visualise the various plants and planting combinations that will best meet your needs, along with any soil improving recommendations.

Once your garden has been planted, the most important thing is to keep it well watered and weed-free. If you prefer to sit back and watch your garden grow, then our gardening team can visit regularly to ensure that your new plants establish well and your garden flourishes.

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